I stopped obsessing over the rising cost of fuel,rising interest rates and healthcare costs. I started to make myself crazy and realized I was worrying about things I really had no control over. Or do I? I did come to realize that I do have control over these costs.

I took personal control over my finances and the cost of my healthcare costs and I started to feel empowered. I recently read an article in which it was debated if due to the rising costs of healthcare on the consumer would individuals become sicker and not seek medical attention because of this cost. The article then went on to debate that you have personal choices and most people spend their money on entertainment, clothes and or vacations. You have to make apersonal choice to be healthy.

The one common denominator of your finances is the lifestyle you choose to live. Are you the type of person who lives beyond your means, or spends your bonus money even before you receive it? Your lifestyle impacts your finances and most of all your health. Many individuals go about their day the same way everyday. Why change something that works? Or does it? Do you feel you are making healthy choices everyday from taking care of you,nutrition, the way you deal with stress and exercise?

You need to be able to step out of your own shoes and look at your life as an outsider. Are you the best you can be, or has life and it’s stressors consumed you so much you walk around with blinders on? The cost of healthcare has doubled over the past few years and will continue to rise ,hopefully not at such a fast pace. But realize the choices you make now will affect you and your finances in the years to come as well.

Your golden years are suppose to be a time of peace and tranquilty. You have saved all these years to be able to enjoy the rest of your life the way you chose. Make healthy lifestyle changes now. Remember your future and your finances are dependent on it. Invest in Yourself everyday.