As the pandemic continues to drag out, many are trying to keep their lives moving in the direction they were before it started.  If moving to Toronto has been in the cards for you: you don’t have to cancel these plans simply because of the pandemic!  This is the information you should know before moving to hog city and why it’s still a fantastic destination for anyone.

Don’t Assume: Double-Check.

No matter what you’ve heard in social circles, check with the local government ordinances before making big decisions or social plans.  As it’s hard to predict what changes the virus may make in the city, it’s also hard to predict what safety measures will be required of the residents. So before you make any plans or join in any heavily crowded activities: do a moment’s research to ensure it’s both safe and currently allowed.

Avoid Going Out If You Feel Unwell

Vaccines are rolling out, and although these are a fantastic aid to fight back against the virus: you can still catch Covid-19 even if you’ve been vaccinated: and you can still transmit it to those who haven’t been vaccinated. So take the time to assess how you’re feeling every time you’re about to go out: and be honest with yourself.  If you’ve had gastrointestinal issues, or you’ve been coughing or feverish, stay home.  If the symptoms worsen, talk to your doctor about getting tested and having access to care.

Ensure Your Whole Household Is Following Guidelines

It can be difficult to make an entire household follow the same rules, but you must try.  Even if your teenager is sick of being stuck inside all the time, or your partner really wants to join coworkers after work at the bar: if it’s not currently allowed or they’re not feeling well, you have to convince them to stay safe.  Unfortunately, this can put you in many uncomfortable conversations, but it’s better to be uncomfortable than to spread the virus.

Keep To Smaller Social Groups

If you do gatherings, ensure they’re smaller and masked or outside with space.  Gatherings in open parks, large spaces, and with masks on can ensure that you can socialize and have fun without risking anyone’s life or health.  If you want to create a pod of friends that you can hang out with, that’s fine: as long as everyone agrees to only interact with those within the pod.  If someone can’t be trusted, they could put everyone at risk.

You Can Still Enjoy The City

You don’t have to let Covid-19 ruin Toronto for you.  This is a beautiful city, and buying real estate in Toronto is an investment that can gain a lot of money back for you.  Instead, be sure to make smart decisions, follow local health guidelines, and pay attention to what your body tells you.

Covid-19 has stuck around a lot longer than any of us wanted, but it’s important not to let virus fatigue trick you into poor decisions.