Passive income usually comes in two forms:

Well managed…

* Businesses

* Real Estate

People usually spend no time learning how to convert their earned income into passive income. This is exactly why most people have someone they call boss who controls how much money they make and when, and where, and how…..

Passive income requires the biggest investment in time into increasing your general financial education, as well as your overall understanding of the investment you have chosen. It takes a change in your focus.

Most people hope to one day get a promotion and be making more money. The problem is making more money does not solve their money problems. You earn the money and you spend the money. This is known as earned income and a poor cash flow pattern.

One day your hard work pays off and you get your promotion and you start saving a little and investing into a portfolio. As well as buying liabilities such as a house or car. This is a middleclass cash flow pattern.

Unfortunately, this is where the road stop for most people. The problem is when you focus on anything but passive income you lose the ability to quit your job and free yourself from your dependency on your paycheck.

Everyday you chose to not focus on learning how to master money you are placing a large part of your financial future in the hands of people that may or may not care about you and your family’s well being. You are also sacrificing time that could be better spent invested into your financial future.

Passive income is income that you receive whether or not you are actively involved in earning it. Passive income is when you have your money working for you. Changing your focus to producing passive income involves building assets. This is the cash flow pattern of the wealthy and it is directly tied to passive income.

The quality of your investment plan depends on your ability. Your results also depend on your ability. Therefore, it requires a significant investment into your financial education in order to produce passive income with success.