Hey! I’ve heard all the ridiculous self-sabotaging excuses that poor people come up with to justify their failure in creating wealth for themselves.

Here are the eight most common EXCUSES and a comment from me about each.

  • “I’m too old to start a wealth creation process” – well do you want to be old and poor or old and wealthy? Is THAT such a good excuse now?
  • “I’m too young” – you are NEVER too young to learn how to be wealthy. Some children will be born today who will be wealthier than you in just ten years time. So, is THAT a good excuse?
  • “Rich people are mean and miserable.” Duh! Don’t you think that a lot of poor people are mean and miserable too? And there is a heck of a lot more poor people in this world. So, is THAT a good excuse?
  • “I would never be able to spend a lot of money.” Great – give it away to your favorite charity. How would you feel being able to do that? Have I taken away THAT excuse?
  • “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” It’s not the age of the dog. It’s what is in the “old dog’s” head and heart. THAT is not even an excuse!
  • “None of my friends or family are rich.” Great! Break the shackles of mediocrity then teach all those who also want to break their shackles to do the same. THAT isn’t an excuse either. It’s about the dumbest thing that anyone can say. Become wealthy and you can be their saviour and hero!
  • “God, didn’t intend for me to be rich.” Well, He didn’t intend for you to be dirt poor either. Create some wealth and honor Him by making big donations to your church. THAT excuse carries no weight at all.
  • “What would I do with ALL that money?” Heh…heh… a new home, a better car, nice vacations to anywhere that you choose or a cruise to some exotic location, give your mom a car for her birthday. I could go on and so could YOU! THAT isn’t an excuse. It’s a REASON!

Maybe you just want to relieve that constant ongoing financial pressure. Maybe you don’t need that continual financial stress in your life any longer. Maybe it’s just time to do something new and turn your life around to make things better. Maybe you just want to stand up and shout: “Show-me-the-money!”

If you have had enough of financial stresses and strains then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Don’t complain, don’t justify your failure, don’t wait for some miracle – get active. Nothing comes to those who are idle.