There Is Always A Way Out

So, you need cash fast. Now, don’t let those bills and summons hop on to your back. You obviously have to go and see every single one of your creditors and tell them that you are taking action so as to pay off the outstanding balance in one go. How much would they be willing to write off?

Once You Have Shown Up

Whatever the result, don’t promise a date: Only that you will be back within the next week or so, to give details of your promised action. And start investigating about the best loan for your condition and circumstances.

Depending On How Much You Need

There are personal loans, Home Equity Loans, mortgages and other slight variations to suit your needs. What you are doing is the same that is done to fight a forest fire. They fight fire which is out of control with a controlled fire. In your case, you fight debt which is out of control with a controlled debt.

The Benefits

Other than not receiving the visit of more than one collector and phone calls from the bank or credit card guys, there are some interesting benefits. You have the choice of establishing a payment term for your loan and a monthly sum according to your budget.

Remember that debts have a special interest rate called punitive interest, which adds the punishment for not having paid on time to the normal interest.

Credit Cards A Special Case

The use of a credit card has a normal fee, calculated as a percentage of your purchases. If you start making minimum payments, there is a refinancing interest which is the highest of all known APR’s.

Besides, as it is applied, it turns out to be compound interest. That is, this month’s interest will be a part of next month’s capital. It’s interest over interest over interest, until it finally gets out of control.

Don’t Let Debt Rush You

You will end up doing things in a hurry and the result can be disastrous for your economy. Be brave and add up everything you owe. Do it with your spouse, your brother or sister, your parents, a friend, whoever, but get someone to share ideas and contribute with new ones.

If You Don’t Like Loans

You might not like taking loans, because of some bad experience in the past. There was surely something you did wrong or forgot about. This time you won’t let it happen. There are so many possibilities to choose from that you will always find a reliable lender and a suitable loan.

A Suitable Borrower

A suitable loan needs a suitable borrower. That is, someone who has realised that spending can get out of control and is determined to stop that trend. After that is done, you will have only one monthly payment to make. It’s what we could call “Killing debt with debt”.