Over the last 5 years or so currency trading or Forex trading as it is also known has become increasingly more popular around the world. This market was one previously reserved for large banking organizations and rich individuals. However, with the introduction of a large number of different online trading platforms it is now possible for the average person on the street to trade currency on a daily basis. As it is one of the largest markets in the world with somewhere in the region of 3 Trillion Dollars being traded every single day the amount of money that can be earned is extremely high. However, on the flip side of the coin if you do not get things right the amount of money that can be lost can also be very large. Get free daily Forex trading videos.

One of the keys to being a successful currency trader is to pick the correct trading platform. As there are so many different ones to choose from this can often be a difficult decision to make. The FXCM currency trading platform is widely regarded within the trade as one of the best and most efficient. It has a large number of benefits that make it extremely popular with a plethora of Forex traders.

One of the main concerns of many traders is the spread that they can attain on the leading currency pairs such as Euro/Dollar and Pound/Dollar. The market average is a 2 or 3 pip spread which can actually end up losing you a large chunk of your profit over the course of the trading year. However, with the FXCM currency trading platform you will able to obtain a 1 pip spread on all of the leading currency pairs thus giving you the best chance of maximizing your profits.

As FXCM are such a large outfit with a monthly trading average of over 250 Billion Dollars they are able to demand an extremely competitive price on nearly all currencies. This again helps your profit margin as you can be sure that you are attaining the very best buy and sell prices on each currency. FXCM has everything that you require from a trading platform and this is why they are used by so many successful traders.