In this article, we will look at Forex trading the easy way and show you, how to make big profits with a simple method anyone can learn. This method takes very little time to apply but makes huge gains – so let’s take a look at it.

First of all, you need to look at a chart of any currency pair and if you look at it you will see, the big trends last for long periods of time, with many trends lasting for weeks on end or even longer. The aim of the method we will look at here, is to trade these big trends for profit – but how do you do this?

The simplest way is to use technical analysis and just follow price action on the charts. You just follow trends and focus on price action and nothing else – you don’t look at news and you don’t seek opinions, you focus on the chart.

So how complicated does your strategy need to be?

The answer is – it should not be complex at all and neither should it include to many indicators, it should be simple. The reason for this is because, simple systems have fewer parameters to break and are more likely to be more successful than ones with to many indicators.

If you learn high odds chart patterns and use 3 or 4 indicators to confirm your moves, you can make great profits. In Forex trading, simple systems work best and always have and over complicating a system is doomed to failure.

The above sounds very simple and it is but to make profits from your strategy, you have to have the right mindset and its a fact, that most traders fail to adopt the right mindset and lose money. These losing traders, want to win every trade and fail to take losses and preserve equity and this means they join the 90% of losing traders.

If you want to win at FX trading, trade with discipline and take your losses but keep in mind – as you run your profits, to cover your losses you will make a great second income over the longer term

So can you make big profits trading Forex from home?

Yes you can and if you invest a few weeks in your Forex education and then, adopt the right mindset you can make huge gains trading global currencies for profit.